Prices For Sandfield 9 hole Golf Course and Driving Range….DUE TO CORONAVIRUS, WE CAN ONLY ACCEPT CARD/CONTACTLESS/     MOBILE PHONE PAYMENT… NO CASH(it carries germs etc.)but for security and lack of bank branches it will possibly stay cashless even after pandemic.

Here is a list of our prices for the facilities at Sandfield Golf Course and Driving Range.

Golf Driving Range Prices

  • 50   balls £3.75
  • 100 balls £7.00

9 Holes Pay and Play at Sandfield Golf

  • Mon – Fri                 £8.50
  • Weekend/Bank      £9.50
  • Snr/Jnr                    £7.00 *

18 Holes Pay and Play at Sandfield Golf…limited availability during busy periods.NOT AVAILABLE FOR A LITTLE WHILE UNTIL WE RE-ASSESS THE CURRENT SITUATION

  • Mon – Fri
  • Weekend/Bank
  • Snr/Jnr                    *

*Snr/Jnr Concession details*

Senior Golfers: 65 and over Mon to Fri 9am – 4pm (exc. Bank Holidays)

Junior Golfers: 14 and under Mon to Sun + Bank

Junior Golfers must be accompanied by an adult

Club Hire…not available during coronavirus period

Golf Course Hire a half set of golf clubs £2

Driving Range We have selected individual clubs for adult and kids: no charge